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Writer | Executive Producer | Editor

24 minutes. January 2021. Miami, FL. 

John and Mary live in a near-future, technologically advanced time where trees no longer exist outside in nature. Determined to reignite their lust for life, John takes it upon himself to build a secret indoor garden for his wife... accidentally unleashing a mysterious magic into their home.



7 minutes. March 2017. San Antonio de los Baños, CUBA. 

After winning “El Bombo,” the Cuban-US immigration lottery, Estrella and her grandfather, an impoverished Cuban family, prepare for a journey of a lifetime. One step at a time.



7 minutes. May 2019. Miami, FL. 

An introverted woman finds herself face to face with an active shooter.

Made for the 48 Hour Film Competition. 

Winner:  Audience Award - 48Hour Film Competition 2019



16 minutes.  April 2018.  Los Angeles, California.

The Kichkandi is a vengeful female spirit from the icy Himalayan mountains that haunts men who prey on women. Based on true Nepali folklore.

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